Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals...

...And other lovely Holiday sentiments. This is my final post from the other side of the pond. Granted, I am already back home, I had a few hours of jet lag to work through but I'm now alive and kicking. 

The last few weeks in London were hectic and stressful with a heap of Christmas magic thrown on top. I finally got in the Holiday spirit preparing for my final portfolio turn in. Which meant cranking up Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is You at two in the morning while weaving thread through my sketchbook; the things I do for art. 

I had the chance to take a breather from the madness the night before our turn in; venturing out to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland with my J.Crew ladies and it was nothing short of a blast. German Christmas market stalls lined the park pathways offering chilled Londoners mulled wine and bags full of Haribo candies. There was live music to be heard and about a hundred rides to be ridden. We hopped on one and were laughing all the way (There's more horrible puns where that came from, I'm sure you all love it). 

I finally returned to my flat around ten PM and got to work finalizing my portfolio for the morning, staying up until dawn; makes me wonder how Santa's elves feel working around the clock.

After (finally) handing in all our work, Kiri and I decided to celebrate by doing the only thing us fashion design students could think of: a stroll through Harrods. We did a full lap around the monster of a building to view and critique all the enchanting holiday windows and then stepped inside. 

Just a few of my favorites.

One could get lost in Harrods. It's filled to the brim with every product imaginable. Kiri and I had more important things on our mind and meandered up a few floors to find the Harrod's Ice Cream Parlor. A giant brownie sundae to toast to the survival of our first term was well in order.

Although the celebration was short lived, with one final week to go we still had an Industry Project to complete. The challenge was to come up with a campaign for the Human Rights company: Amnesty International. Put together in a small group of other students we had a week to come up with a theme and develop it into a final outcome to pitch to the company. It was a whirlwind of a week but my group and I pulled it off, we were all proud at what we accomplished so we headed down to China Town and grabbed Hong Kong waffles, they blow American waffles out of the water.

There's no contest. There are different filling options to choose so naturally I chose Nutella and it was like heaven. I am realizing now this post makes it sound like I eat food for every occasion and that's not the least bit false. 

Reaching the end of the term, and my departure date for my journey back home, Kiri and I headed out to the streets of London to find all the brightly decorated streets we could.

With hot coffee in hand we walked down Regent's Street and through Carnaby Street reveling in the Christmas festivities. Groups of musicians lined the streets playing Christmas carols and a few drunk Santas brushed past as well. London is something else and I absolutely adore it. 

Signing off from this wonderful city, my next post will be brought to you from the streets of Kansas- and no there are no Tinmen or Yellow Brick Roads in sight. 

xx Haley

News Flash!

On Sunday I mentioned in my post there would be some news this week and I'm so excited to share it with everyone, I hope you all find it as thrilling as I do!

I have decided to open a small online print shop to not only showcase some of my work but to also share it with everyone. 

As of right now there will only be about five prints that you will be able to order, each in a smaller and larger size. I am hoping to have the shop up and running by next week- just in time for the holidays!

Love to All,

Haley xx