Play Next Episode

That all important question Netflix asks its customers, leaving a mere 15 seconds for one to decide if they will be spending their day (their evening, or hey, maybe even both...) on a "Netflix Binge" or not. We have all been there, maybe not solely with Netflix, but with technology as a whole. 

Evan after a handful of episodes have played, Netflix will prompt "are you still there?" I am guilty of letting this 'autoplay' occur throughout my daily technology use. 

Yes, there are aspects of social media I heavily rely on for what I do in the blogosphere. But, there are times–more than I care to admit–I let my technology use flip into that 'autoplay' mode; it becomes almost habitual to check my phone or get sucked into the vast domain of the internet at any given moment of the day. 

This week I have spent a lot of time asking myself "when did I allow technology to become such a dominance in my daily routine?"

So much usage and reliance on technology can take away from the 'how' and the 'why' of living. While it does have its great benefits, like keeping people connected, if we are constantly living life relying on social media for entertainment and inspiration, we miss out on the real world equivalents. We forget to make ourselves present in the real world because we have become so caught up in making ourselves present in the digital one. 

August Recap and September Salutations

It's that time again! Time for the monthly recap and a peek at what's up ahead as we welcome in the new month, and soon to be new season (can someone say fall?!). 

August Rewind

Like July, August has been filled to the brim with exciting ventures, and has flown by at incredible speed. 

In my last post I spoke about tackling goals and not letting comparison and natural lows deter us from pushing forward. The last month has been full of adjusting to new routines, some of which I am still perfecting, such as fitness, faith, and personal blog development.

I was able to get a little play in with my work, attending both a Royals baseball game and Sporting KC soccer match (the latter had a rather bitter end while the former ended with a win, and fireworks). I attended my first City on a Hill event: Reconciliation followed by drinks and mingling; I am excited to continue and develop a deeper participation! 

What's on tap for September?

September will bring some very exciting new projects, trips, and discoveries. 

FAITH–August was a tough but eye opening month, I am going full force ahead into September on the faith front. I am continuing my daily devotion and studies, be sure to check out my two favorite ministries She Reads Truth (there's also a Men's devotion as well for all you fellas out there who might be interested!), and the Take 5 app (part of the Proverbs 31 Ministry). While She Reads Truth is dedicated to delving deeper into different segments of the Bible, Take 5 offers a daily scripture verse along with a quick but powerful interpretation as to how the featured verse can be translated into today's modern times and into our busy schedules. In addition to these I am excited to get started with weekly Adoration through my local Parish. I have been keen on signing up to participate since I was in high school but was never able to commit. It will be a refreshing way to spend an hour of unadulterated time with Christ and clear out the "noise" from the week's activities. 

CAREER & WORK–I continue to juggle time between a handful of jobs, getting into the swing of waking at five AM to get to work on time! I'm very lucky to be working with companies and people that believe and value the same work ethic I do, and also strive to support me (and all my coworkers) in achieving my full potential in and outside of work. 

On the blogging front I am so very thrilled to report that I have finally found the new name for the blog (sorry no reveals yet!) and am working to develop a new logo as well as website that is more user friendly and will include a subscribe via email bar that is easily accessible. I hope to have it all up and running for your viewing pleasure by the end of the month. 

HEALTH & WELLNESS–I got back in the pool for a proper swim practice with the Masters group at my gym for the first time in at least three years (how time flies). It felt amazing to be back in the water doing something that feels so natural to me. This month I aim to regularly attend practice on Friday afternoons, (schedule permitting) to continue to utilize one of the gifts God gave me. Crossfit has taken a bit of a back-seat with my new work schedule, therefore I will not be attending as frequently as I used to. I have come to see this as a blessing in disguise so that I may branch out with other forms of fitness. This month I aim to work on strengthening my mobility and movement. My Dear friend Mary and I are giving The Bar Method a whirl for the next 30 days and I am tapping into the vast knowledge and expertise, in the realm of all things mobility, movement, and strength, of my Crossfit coach Stretch Rayner from Momentum Training back in London Town. 

PROJECTS–Super excited about this new little bullet point (and the next). A brief backstory: My lovely friend Joe and I had been planning for some time to begin renting our own two bedroom apartment downtown after I returned from London. A couple weeks ago we viewed the perfect space and were all gung ho on signing the lease agreement when I had to come to a screeching halt. I hate to let others down who are counting on me in any way, but I could not ignore the instinct that I just am not ready financially to begin renting my own space, as much as my independent heart yearns to. After communicating this, Joe being the lovely person he is, fully understood my decision. Still desiring to have a "space of my own" I have decided to give my current room, a la my parent's home, a revamp of my own to provide an area where I can work and snooze that has a fresh energy. I'm excited to blog about the process and share the finial result in the coming months! 

JOURNEYS–The last exciting news-bit (I promise it will be short). I have a handful of exciting trips planned for the year. Before I jet off to far away places I want to begin by exploring this beautiful (and highly underrated) State of mine–Kansas in case anyone was still wondering. The first destination on the list will be at the end of the month to Manhattan, Kansas to visit yet another sweet friend to explore the life and town, and hike through the Konza, which looks stunning. I can't wait to show this adventure to everyone! 

All the love,

Hale xx